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MENDELSSOHN, Felix (1809-1847). German composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Herr and Frau Seydlitz and Frau Verkenius [in Cologne], 1½ pages 4to with fine signature, Leipzig, 20 June 1846. Lightly tipped into a blue cloth binding.
A delightful personal letter.
Mendelssohn has just returned home from Cologne, where his cantata setting of Schiller's An die Künstler had been premiered at the Deutsch-Vlaemische Sängerfest earlier in the month.
On his return he has 'found all my family very well and cheerful ... Of course you already know everything I want to say, you know that for me a welcome like the one just now in your house, and everything from past and present that was spoken of during it and, in brief, that lasting, unchanging friendship, is what is and remains the finest, dearest and best thing in the world for me, and that you have made these days which have just gone past into really special days for me...
'In Strasserhof I found singers with the ribbons in the post house. They were rejoicing enormously. In Wiedenbrück the last singer with a ribbon left the coach: it had been too full and too hot for him. From there on, people asked the coachman and me about the song festival at Cologne and we were welcome everywhere as living telegrams.
'My children are wearing the iron medallions round their necks day and night, and if they threaten to be naughty then I tell them they will not be allowed to wear the singers* badge any more; then they start behaving themselves again. So it cannot be denied that the song festivals have this moral effect.'My Cecile asks me to give you all her warmest regards. She says I look so well that it can be seen how you must have spoiled me and fed me, and for that she now sends her thanks along with mine. Keep me in good memory, do not change...'.
One reason for Mendelssohn's high spirits was the respite he had enjoyed from composing Elijah. The first half was done and already sent to England for translation into English (the first performance was to be at Birmingham on 26 August). He was now able to concentrate on the remainder, which was finished on 11 August.
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