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The image shows the last page only.

MARTINEAU, Harriet (1802-1876). Miscellaneous writer.
Partial Autograph Letter Signed, 6 pages 8vo, no place, no date. The first two pages, containing the superscription, have been cut away, and to judge from the third page appear to deal with the weather. The remaining pages, however, are particularly interesting.
A 3-page diatribe against Disraeli deplores his part in the Corn Law debate and delivers a scorching criticism of his personal integrity.
'... the shame - the disgust - the fear! (without much hope in Gladstone as a set-off) ... It is not an instance of temper or weakness of judgment but of deliberate cheating & lying. ...'
America does not get off lightly either:
'... The Americans will one day outgrow their disgraces; but their folly, ignorance, & profligate tone about Finance are worse than, with all my apprehension of the day of trial, I had been prepared for. ...'

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The image shows the last page only.

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