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CHARLES I (1600-1649). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Document Signed ('Charles P', at the head), as Prince of Wales, 1 page folio, oblong, on vellum, the text faded but (just) legible, the signature bold and clear. Given at Richmond, 28 September 1622.
Addressed to Sir Adam Newton, treasurer or receiver-general, requiring him:
'... out of the treasure of our Revenewe remayninge in your custodie to deliver and pay unto the yeomen and Groomes of the buckhounds the some of fiftie pounds as our free gift and bounty bestowed uppon them in regard of theire extraordinary charge in the last progresse and Buckseason ...'
The document lists the names of the thirteen yeomen and grooms between whom the money was to be divided.
 As Prince of Wales, Charles's expenses matched those of his parents' courts. John Bowle (Charles the First, page24) contrasts the sums paid out for jewelry with the kind of expenses recorded in the present document:
'... In 1606 Abraham Jan de Kendor was paid £3,000 for the jewels worn by the Queen, the Lady Elizabeth and Prince Charles at Christmas; the bill for linen worn by the King, Prince Henry and Prince Charles came to £4,776; with £5,597 paid in advance for the Great Wardrobe. This when the Yeoman Pricker of the Privy Buckhounds earned only 20d a day; the Groom of the Otter Hounds 13d, with 20s a year for livery; and the Keeper of the King's Hawks, a highly skilled office, 2s a day or £36 0s 5d a year.'
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