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DONLEAVY, James Patrick (b. 1926). American-born novelist and playwright.
4 Typewritten Letters Signed and 1 Typewritten Postcard ('Mike' or 'Mike D') to John Rosselli, 4 pages 8vo and 4to, London, Isle of Man, and Connemara, 1957-58. With 3 Typewritten Letters Signed to Rosselli from Philip Horton, Editor of 'The Reporter', including a copy of a letter sent by 'The Reporter' to Donleavy rejecting his work, 4 pages 4to, New York, 1957.
Mentioning the sort of essay he plans to send to The Reporter, weighing his prospects of finding a publisher, musing on the Titanic and the American literary scene, and praising his U.S. publishers.
'... Met a Brian Glanville who is now with Bodley Head--also written four novels--may have a chat with them with a view--evidently Greene and Priestly on board of directors--don't know whether this is good or bad--although Greene is unquestionably a civilized person. Perhaps the big days of lust gluttony and sloth are ahead for us all. At moment I concentrate on sloth. ...' (29 April 1958).
Donleavy's efforts at travel-writing for The Reporter were unsuccessful, his style being too episodic and chaotic. But it had caught the eye of The Guardian's literary editor, John Rosselli, who recommended Donleavy to The Reporter in the first place. The letters offer a glimpse of Donleavy's search for a sympathetic and helpful publisher.

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The image shows one letter only.

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