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The image is a small specimen.

Collection of letters, testimonials, etc. to the organist and composer Dr John E. Borland. Comprising ca 18 letters, together with Borland's own accounts of his visit to South America, printed ephemera and music including compositions by Borland and others.
Of particular interest is the autograph manuscript of Borland's 'Homage Fanfare', written for the Coronation of King George V in 1911 and revised for that of George VI in 1937, for brass, choir and organ, 10 pages folio on twelve staves in two systems. Borland had at one time been an assistant to Sir Frederick Bridge, the organist of Westminster Abbey, before he became organist of St Botolph's.
Among the correspondents are Sir Walter Parratt (2), A.C. Mackenzie (2), J. Spencer Curwen, William Cummings, Sir Hugh P. Allen, E.H. Turpin, F.G. Edwards, the Dean of Exeter, the Bishop of Kensington, Sir George C. Martin and the Earl of Norfolk (an odd brief pencil note, probably in connection with the musical arrangements for a Westminster Abbey service: 'If your band is invisible I approve of evening dress but not otherwise').
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The image is a small specimen.

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