CARDUS, Sir Neville, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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CARDUS, Sir Neville (1889-1975). Music critic & cricket writer.
3 Autograph Letters Signed to John [Rosselli], 4½ pages 8vo, National Liberal Club, London, 11 March 1963, 24 November 1964, 18 October 1966. Asking him to find a replacement reviewer for a concert, discussing his work, including a book on Mahler, joking about newspapers, and congratulating him on an article.
'... I am taking a rest from concerts until the Festival Hall is ready again. Also I am in the throes of Vol II of an immense tome about Mahler, the first of which comes out ponderously sometime in January, God help us! ...' (24 November 1964).
John Rosselli was literary editor of The Guardian.
[No: 2278]

The image is of one letter only.

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