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BRIGHT, John (1811-1889). Statesman.
Collection comprising five Autograph Letters Signed to various correspondents, 8 pages 8vo and 16mo, London and Rochdale, 17 February 1850 to 14 April 1883. With one Autograph Note, one Autograph Quotation, two signatures, two engravings of John Bright and an autograph note from Jacob Bright.
The collection comprises:
Autograph Letter Signed to R. Shelton Mackenzie, 1 page 8vo, Mount Street, 17 February 1850, advising of (parliamentary) action taken on Friday.
Autograph Letter Signed to W.R. Dean, 1 page 16mo, London, 23 May 1855, confirming that he will present his petition at the earliest opportunity.
Autograph Letter Signed to W.E. Baxter, 3 pages 16mo, Tulchen Lodge, 22 August 1863, arranging details of a proposed visit, and mentioning that there has been no fishing recently.
'... No fishing since you left, I have only got one salmon so my patience and labor have not had much reward.'
Autograph Letter Signed to Parke Godwin (editor and author), 2 pages 8vo, Rochdale, 7 January 1873, thanking him for a book and portrait.
'... The last portion of it ... is very good - the earlier portion is not equal to 'Hiawatha', which I have always greatly admired. ...'
Autograph Letter Signed to Henry Bryden, 1 page 8vo, Piccadilly, 14 April 1883, confirming that he will present his petition.
Autograph note signed, 30 July 1868. 'Admit the Bearer to the Gallery of the House of Commons.'
Autograph note (Jacob Bright), 14 December 1870. 'With Mr Bright's compliments.'
Autograph quotation signed, 21 July 1887. 'In Peace, sons bury their Fathers. In War, Fathers bury their sons.'
Two signatures cut from letters, with a newspaper cutting announcing Bright's death, mounted.
Two engravings of John Bright by A.H. Ritchie and Johnson Fry.
[No: 22673]

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