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FREDERICK II, The Great (1712-1786). King of Prussia.
Letter Signed ('Fr' with a flourish) to the Privy Councillor of Finances, Droop, 1 page 4to with integral blank, Potsdam, 29 April 1754. Thanking Droop fo a report on samples of metals, and suspending the enquiry. with a transcript and full translation.
'Seine Kunigliche Majestæt lassen den Geheimen Finanzrath Droop, vor die von ihn in seinem Bericht vom 27 dieses anderweytiggemeldeten Umstände, betreffend die von jemand an ihn gegebene Proben verschiedener Metalle, hierdurch in Gnaden danken und lassen es dabey bewenden, da letztere keine Gelegenheit hat, die in das große zu fertigende Proben, zu machen. Potsdam den 29 April 1754'
'His Royal Highness hereby graciously thanks Privy Councillor of Finances Droop for the circumstances reported by him elsewhere in his report of 27 inst. regarding the samples in various metals given to him by a certain person, and will take the matter no further as the latter has no opportunity to make the samples to be manufactured in bulk. Potsdam, 29 April 1754.'
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