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LAWRENCE, T.E. (1888-1935). 'Lawrence of Arabia'.
Autograph Letter Signed ('T.E.S.'), to Wing Commander T.B. Marson, 1 page 4to with envelope (apparently in another hand), Plymouth, 19 November 1932. Agreeing to 'read your stuff with pleasure', but warning him that 'the book-boom is over').
The work referred to is a manuscript about farming, which Lawrence returned and commented on early the following year. He had already helped Marson, the former private secretary to Lord Trenchard, with an earlier work (his autobiography, Scarlet and Khaki). Trenchard was at this time Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force.
'... You are aware that the book-boom is over? Publishers everywhere are cutting down their lists. It is hard to get printed now-a-days. Yet that is no reason for not writing. Quite the contrary. ...
[PS] 'I don't think Trenchard can help. He is the prisoner of Scotland Yard - not its dictator. A very sticky body of men, our police!'

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