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JAMES I (1566-1625). King of England.
Letter Signed to Thomas [Egerton] Lord Ellesmere (1540-1617, Lord Chancellor), 1 page folio with address-leaf, given at Westminster, 24 July 2 James I [1604]. A demand for the payment of a loan of £200 to the crown.
'... Our expences having been by many urgent occasions since our entry into this Realm, greater then the ordinary meanes or revennewes of our Crowne can supply; It is not unknownen to you that by advise of our Privy Councell We resorted to such meanes for the furnishing of our p[rese]nt necessatie as our Progenitors have accustomed to use, that is by borrowing of reasonable somes of money of p[er]sons of abilitie to lend. Whereupon those of our Privie Councell aswell out of their ernest desire to expres their affections to us, as to shew a good example to others, offered to lend each of them to us a competent some, and therof have made a list and p[rese]nted it unto us, each one having rated himself at such a some as he is conveniently able to spare; in w[hi'ch list you have rated your self at the some of Twoe hundred powndes: for w[hi]ch as we can do no les then signifie to you by this testimony of our hand in how thankfull part we take your readynes therin to do us service; so we do require you to cause the said some of two hundred powndes to be paid into the Receipt of o[u]r Exchecq[ue]r w[i]thin twelve daies after the receipt of these our l[ett]res. ...'

[No: 22521]

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