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CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of Great Britain and Ireland.
Document Signed, 1 page folio (oblong) on vellum (lacking the papered seal), Given at Whitehall, 16 July 1664. The commmission of William Victor as a captain in the regiment of foot 'raised or to be raised' at Tangiers under the command of Colonel John Fitzgerald.
Tangiers and Bombay came as gifts to Charles II on his marriage in 1662 to Catherine of Braganza. John Fitzgerald became deputy governor as well as commander of the Irish regiment in 1664. He is frequently mentioned by Pepys in the Diary, e.g.
'... away with Mr. Cholmely to Fleet-street, in the way he telling me that Tanger is like to be in a bad condition with this same Fitzgerald, he being a man of no honour nor presence, nor little honesty and endeavours to raise the Irish and suppress the English interest there, and offends everybody - and doth nothing that I hear of well - which I am sorry for. ...' [20 October 1664]
On the day that the present document was signed (assuming the King signed on the date on the document) Pepys records a busy schedule including 'to Whitehall to the Tanger Comittee'.
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