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The 'Father of Aviation'

CAYLEY, Sir George (1773-1859). Aeronautical designer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Alfred Simpson in Maltby, 2 pages 8vo with address-leaf, 10 November 1846. A letter evidently to a land agent giving him instructions and asking him to use his discretion.
'There is no part of Jacksons purchased wood in troutsdale standing, that I am aware of & do not believe there is a single tree left of it. If there be he may be allowed for it at such value as Thorp the woodman (who has the confidence of both parties) shall put upon it. Take both securities, for neither are worth much & if time be given, use your own loyal discretion as to this point. These parties are slippery ones ...'
Cayley, who has been described as the Father of Aviation made many important discoveries and observations. As early as 1799 he had already formulated the now-standard concept of having separate methods of generating lift and propulsion, but his practical experiments, largely with gliders, were hampered by the lack of a suitable engine light enough for the purpose. He abandoned the idea of steam power as impractical but experimented with gas (hot air) engines, of which made at least one practical example.
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