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'Neither the Erebus nor Terror will have any situation ...'

FRANKLIN, Sir John (1786-1847). Arctic explorer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sir (William) Edward Parry, 1 page 8vo, Admiralty, 25 February 1845. A fine letter from one Arctic explorer to another, written during the preparations for Franklin's last and fateful expedition, for which he had received the commission on 7 February.
'The person in whose behalf Miss Garnett so benevolently applies is the very kind of young officer whom I should be desirous of asisting - but I regret to say that neither the Erebus nor Terror will have any situation to offer similar to that Miss Garnett seeks for Mr Robins.'
Mr Robins could perhaps count himself fortunate that Miss Garnett's endeavours on his account were apparently unsuccessful. The Erebus and Terror were to set sail down the Thames on 19 May 1845 never to return.
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