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MARLBOROUGH, John Churchill, 1st Duke of (1650-1722).
Document Signed, 1 page folio with second leaf bearing a contemporary endorsement, Office of Ordnance, 14 February 1718/19, signed also by Thomas Frankland. Embossed paper seal and revenue stamps, some wear with small splits at the ends of the folds.
Appointing Francis Biscoe to be storekeeper at Greenwich 'during so long as he shall Carefully and Diligently discharge the Duty of a Storekeeper, by doing & performing all manner of things thereunto belonging'.
'... Likewise to observe and follow such Orders and directions as he shall from time to time receive from me or the Master General of the Ordnance for the time being the Lieuten't General and Principal Officers of the same or any other his Superiour Officers. There are therefore to pray and require [you] to enter him the said Francis Biscoe upon the Leidger Books of this office for the said Employm't at an allowance of Fourscore Pounds p[er] annum. ...'
The duke of Marlborough had first been appointed Master-General of the Ordnance under Queen Anne in 1792, and was re-appointed by George I in 1714 when he had returned to favour after his self-imposed exile.
The rather shaky signature of the present document is explained by the fact that Marlborough had suffered two strokes in 1716, although he had continued to hold his various offices and to attend regularly to his business. He and Sarah were first to take up residence at Blenheim Palace in 1719, the year of this document.
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