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POULENC, Francis (1899-1963). French composer.
Fine early Typewritten Letter Signed ('Poulenc') to [Georges Jean-]Aubry (1882-1949, French writer on music), 1 paqe 4to, Paris 19 January 1920. Full of news of his music and his musical enthusiasms. At this time Aubry was resident in London where he edited The Chesterian and organised concerts of contemporary French music. With a full translation.
Poulenc introduces his freind Jacques Delore, who is in London, and asks Aubry to tell Delore about concerts and to introduce him to musicians. He continues with his thoughts on his own music and that of his contemporaries.
'... I have revised my bad QUADRILLE and am still working on my suite for piano whose first two movements are good but whose toccata gets me angry. ...
'Tell Mr KLING then that I'd be happy if he could give me some interesting novelties every now and then bacause I am very poor and can simply not afford to pay 15 francs for
(or 'to') BERNER! (?Berners). I'm interested in STRAWINSKY, FAutograph LetterLA, and BERNER.
'AURIC just wrote an admirable FOX-TROTT
(sic). What a terrific musican!! DUREY too makes some very good things, one of which is a poem for voice and 10 wind instruments which GOLDocument SignedCHMAN will perform on the 31st; its title PRINTEMPS AU FOND DE LA MER to a poem by COCTEAU ...'
[From the translated text].
Poulenc has left himself little room for his signature, which in consequence is rather cramped as well as slightly faint.
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