GORDON, Charles George, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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GORDON, Charles George (1833-1885). 'Chinese Gordon'.
Autograph Letter Signed to J[ohn] Fowler at the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1½ pages 8vo, Dara, Darfur [Sudan], 10 May 1879. Though engaged in suppressing the slave trade far from his papers, which are in Khartoum, Gordon is able to recall the necessary figures in connection with Fowler's part in building the Sudan Railway.
'... I am glad to say the revolt of the slave dealers is mainly over, and I hope we soon shall see the end of this traffic.'
Gordon became Governor of Equatoria under the Khedive of Egypt with the express purpose of suppressing the slave trade. In February 1879, he left Khartoum for Kordofana and Darfur, where had revolt had started. Between then and May, Gordon fought a number of pitched battles and broke up slave caravans. It was in May 1879 that Gessi, under Gordon's orders, captured the slave dealers' stronghold of Dem Zubair.
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