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The image shows the third, signed, page only.

NORTON, Caroline (1808-1877). Poet and campaigner for women's rights.
Good Autograph Letter Signed to Parker, 3¼ pages 8vo (somewhat tattered, what looks suspiciously like a cigarette burn in one corner), 3 Chesterfield Street, 22 December 1856. Discussing the publishing of her pamphlet (probably A Review of the Divorce Bill of 1856) with detailed instructions as to paper and typography.
'... I am very anxious the type should be as clear as possible & the paper good. I dare say you would scarcely believe the difference that makes in getting this sort of thing read. ...'
She refers to her two sons, Brinsley and Fletcher, and to her estranged husband, George Norton.
'... I have also been greatly occupied about Brinsley - my husband having at last consented to see his wife & children, and having gone over to Paris to stay a few days with Fletcher, & make some sort of arrangement with him. ...'
'... I think Fletcher would write extremely well, but he is as diffident of his own powers, as his brother is the reverse. Mothers should be allowed little urns or phials full of the proper qualities for their children, & learn the method of compounding them in their proper proportions. ... I am sorry to think that Fletcher cannot profit of it, being set & concluded as a "humbly inclined man", tho' I frequently propose to him to become conceited, as an improvement. ...'

[No: 22314]

The image shows the third, signed, page only.

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