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ALBERT, Prince (1819-1861). Consort of Queen Victoria.
Autograph Letter Signed to a peer, the name of the recipient crossed through, 1 page 8vo with blank leaf, B[uckingham] P[alace], 27 January 1858. Returning the plan for the defence of Portsmouth 'which has received the Queen's approval'.
In the 1850s it was considered necessary to secure the western landward approaches to Portsmouth Harbour by building a line of fortifications. Between 1853 and 1858 two new fortifications based on the latest continental form were constructed at Gomer and to the north at Elson. From 1858 to 1862 three more elaborate forts (Brockhurst, Rowner and Grange) were built to fill in the gap between these two earlier forts. These five forts became known as the Gosport Advanced Lines. In addition, Fort Monckton was strengthened by an 'Auxiliary Battery`.
[No: 22257]

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