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The image shows the first, signed, page only.

ALBERT, Prince (1819-1861). Consort of Queen Victoria.
Letter Signed, as Great Master of the Order of the Bath, to the Marquess of Breadalbane, 2 pages folio (some splits in the folds), Osborne House, 22 December 1853. Naming six officers to be appointed to 'the Military division of the third Class or Companions of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath', at the request of Her Majesty.
The officers named are Lieutenant Colonel Edward Alan Holdich, Captain John Walter Tarleton, R.N., Captain Charles Frederick Shadwell, R.N., Lieutenant Colonel James Colley Tudor, E.I.C, Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Fraser, E.I.C., and Captain Henry Blosse Lynch, Indian Navy.
A note at the side of the document, signed by Sir Albert Woods (1816-1904, garter king of arms) and dated 17 December 1853, states that the 6 ribbons and badges of the Order of the Bath had been received.
The document is somewhat soiled.
[No: 22256]

The image shows the first, signed, page only.

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