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The image shows part of one letter only.

LINTON, Eliza Lynn (1822-1898). Novelist.
4 Autograph Letters Signed to [Walter] White, in all 11½ pages 8vo, Gower Street and Hayter House, Marlebone Road, 1871 and 1874, where dated An interesting series of letters covering her struggle with the eternal verities and praising White's book of 'Rhymes'.
'... I have perhaps lost myself in the immensity, the mystery, the unfathomable meaning of life. No system of religion answers any one of the great problems we are all suffering from & all try to solve.That we are all expiating the devilish fault of our first mother I do not think even Mr Congreve would maintain. Yet if there is a personal God ... all powerful, all merciful, why this endless misery? ...'
'... Christianity was in a sense an advance on the old Greek mythology in its substitution of human nature for the forces of the elements but I
cannot believe it as you all do. ...'

[No: 22199]

The image shows part of one letter only.

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