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HENRY VIII (1491-1547). King of England.
Fine Document Signed (twice), on vellum, irregularly shaped, ca 325 x 310 mm. (13 x 12 inches), dated at Windsor, 14 December 5 Henry VIII [1513].
A magnificent and historically interesting document, on fine vellum (some light soiling, but in excellent legible condition), ordering material for the clothing of the yeomen, ushers and pages of the court. It is particularly unusual to find a comprehensive list of the royal servants, who are named individually in five columns under the headings of 'Yomen usshers', 'Yomen', 'Gromes' and 'Pages'.
At this time the King was 22 years of age and had been married to Katherine of Aragon since 1509. His relationship with Anne Boleyn was not to begin until 1526.
'We wol and charge you that ye delyver order to be delivered to the yomen usshers yomen gromes and pages of o[ur] chambre whoes names here ensueth to the nombre of six score and eight for their watching clothing eny of them Fyve yerdes of tawny medley of as goode assuche as it hath ben used and accustumed. And also that ye deyv[er] to o[ur] trusty and welbeloved Sir henry marney knight Capytaigne of o[ur] garde six yerdes of tawny melley at thirteen shillinges & four pens the yerde w[i]t[h] a fur of goode blacke bugie for the same.
[here follow the columns of names]
'And theies o[ur] l[ett]res shalbe unto you goode and sufficiant warraunt and discharge in that behalve. Geven undre oure signet at o[ur] Castell of Wyndesore the xiiiith say of decembre the fyfte yere of oure reigne. / Henry R / To o[ur] trusty and welveloved sir Andrewe Wyndesore knighte kep[er] of oure greate warderobe.'
A note on the reverse records this as Phillipps Manuscript 29908, but unfortunately Sir Thomas Phillipps's catalogue (Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca D. Thomae Phillipps, Bt.) ends prematurely at 23837.
[No: 22186]

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