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CUST, Henry John Cockayne (1861-1917). Journalist and poet.
Page proofs of Occasional Poem, Jerusalem, 1918, uncut, inscribed by Ronald Storrs to 'Anne', 24 January 1919. The poems in this posthumous collection were chosen by the poet's widow, Nina Cust, and by Ronald Storrs, his nephew. This proof bears a few other notes by Storrs, who has signed his inscription 'RS'.
With the carobon copy of a letter, evidently from Storrs to the recipient:
'I am sending this myself before binding or illustrating. If you will write to Mrs. Henry Cust, 17 Hyde Park Gate, she will send you the address of the publishers to whom you could communicate direct.'

[No: 22133]

The image is of the titlepage.

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