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Letter of attorney, on vellum, ca 25 x 273 mm. (ca 2½ x 11 inches) with seal tag (lacking seal), 4 December 1362.
Letter of attorney from Thomas Playce of Bolleby [Boulby] to Dom William de Buston, parson of the Church of Esyngtone [Easington], and John de Whetelay, to deliver seisin to John de Buston, Joan his wife and heirs of John, in two messuages and eight bovates of land in Bolleby.
Given at Bolleby in Whiteby strand, the Sunday after the feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle, 36 Edward III [4 December 1362].
Seisin was an old feudal term for possession and title, i.e. absolute title to land, which could be passed on by will or inheritance. A bovate of land was a measure which could be ploughed in one year by one eighth of a plough team with eight oxen.
The dating of the present document neatly encapsulates the problems of arriving at a form recognisable in today's terms. Edward III came to the throne on 25 January 1327 and thus his regnal year runs from 25 January to 24 January of the following year. The 36th year of his reign was mostly in 1362. The feast of St Andrew falls on 30 November, a Wednesday that year. The next Sunday was therefore 4 December.
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