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COBBE, Frances Power (1822-1904). Irish philanthropist & religious writer.
2 Autograph Letters Signed [to Edward Walford (1823-1897)], the editor of Once a Week, 7 pages 8vo, 26 Hereford Square, no date. Offering contributions to his periodical, principally on social and women's questions, and adding a little family news.
'... May I ask if any contributions of mine - sketches, tales or (what I should prefer to be allowed to write) discussions of social reforms, might be acceptable? If you have chanced to see the Fraser for Feby - you will perhaps have noticed a place I there mention for rebuilding the dwellings of the indigent classes. ...'
'My brother Henry of whom you enquired, has just had a third little girl & I fear is all the less likely to be able to return to live in England.'

[No: 21979]

The image is of a specimen page only.

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