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BOWRING, Sir John (1792-1872). Linguist, political economist & writer.
Autograph Letter Signed headed 'Confidential' to Richard Cobden, 1 page 4to, London, 10 December 1848. Regretting he must resign from the House of Commons due to 'pecuniary anxiety'.
'In 1843 Bowring turned once more to commerce and invested his capital in an ironworks in Glamorgan. He also invested in the Llynvi Valley Railway, in the vicinity of his ironworks, and in 1845 became chairman of the directors of the London and Blackwall Railway; but in 1847 his business interests failed and he found himself suddenly in a worse financial position than at any time since 1828. Consequently, when, in October 1848, Palmerston offered him the vacant consulship at Canton (Guangzhou) with a salary of £1800 a year, he accepted, with alacrity, despite his age (he was fifty-six).'
Gerald Stone, 'Bowring, Sir John (1792-1872)', Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004.

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