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MONSIGNY, Pierre-Alexandre (1729-1817). French composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Vinit, secrétaire général of the Paris Conservatoire, 1 page small 4to, with integral address-leaf, 5 February 1807.
Writing that he had been wrong in thinking that he would be available on Sunday to go to the Treasury: he therefore asks Vinit 'to perform for me again this month the same service that you kindly performed two or three months ago. I hope that next month I will relieve you of my importunity.' He sends his greetings to all his friends at the Conservatoire.
Monsigny was at a low point in his career. For 18 years, from 1759, he had been extremely successful. His influence on 18th-century opera can best be seen in Le Roi et le fermier (1762), in which he brought new social and political themes to French comic opera, and Le Déserteu (1769), in which the union of music and drama was an important step forward from the traditional comédie à Ariette. But in 1777 he gave up composing and thenceforth held a number of posts, including that of Inspector of the Canals of Orléans; but the last of these, that of Inspector of Musical Education, was abolished in 1802. From 1810 he had the pleasure of seeing his works once again return to the stage.
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