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BUCHAN, John, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir (1875-1940). Author & Governor-general of Canada.
Typewritten Letter Signed ('Tweedsmuir') to the illustrator, Hugh Chesterman, 1 page 4to (some pencil jottings on the reverse), Government House, Ottawa, 5 March 1937. Commenting on the fictional nature of the Norwegian journey in The Three Hostages, and asking Chesterman to prepare a map of the Roman Empire for his forthcoming biography of the Emperor Augustus.
'The Norwegian journey of Hannay in The Three Hostages [published April 1924] is purely imaginary, and you will not find the names on any map. Roughly my idea of the country was somewhere about the head of the Sognefjord.
Augustus will, I think, be finished this summer [it was], and will probably appear early next year. I want you to do a map of the Roman Empire under Augustus for, and I will write to Hodder later.'

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