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'I am Daphne du Maurier, author of Rebecca ...'

DU MAURIER, Daphne (1907-1989). Novelist.
Typewritten Letter Signed to Mrs Malpass, 1 page 8vo (slight traces of former moutning on the reverse), Kilmarth, Par, Cornwall, 18 April 1977. Clearing up a misunderstanding about her ancestry and identity.
'... I think there has been some little confusion. My grandfather, George du Maurier, the author of Trilby, died in 1896. His son was Gerald du Maurier, the actor, who died in 1934. I am Daphne du Maurier, author of Rebecca and Frenchman's Creek, and other novels, and I expect it is my autograph you want, as I am, luckily, still alive! ...'

[No: 21542]

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