DODINGTON, George Bubb, Baron Melcombe, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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The image is of the document signed by Wilmington.

DODINGTON, George Bubb, Baron Melcombe (1691-1762). Politician and diarist.
The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, London 1784, full calf, hinges a little weak, extra-illustrated with ca 40 contemporary documents. Also included are nine engravings. Most of the documents have been trimmed and/or folded to fit the 8vo format. They form a comprehensive set of illustrations to the text. Many have short printed captions to identify the writers.
'Recording day to day the intrigues of an apparently compulsive, self-seeking place-hunter who seemed equally attached to the sentiments of virtue and poetry, Dodington's diary, first published in 1784, has subsequently anchored his reputation as the archetypal eighteenth-century man of politics.' [Oxford DNB]
The contents are as follows:
George Bubb Dodington, William Clayton, William Yonge, Document Signed, 26 June 1735, regarding the distribution of an allowance to various officers.
George Bubb Dodington, Thomas Winnington, George Earle, Horatio, first Baron Walpole, fragment signed, 7 February 1741.
Sir Robert Walpole, George Dodington, George Earle, fragment signed, 1738.
Edward Wortley, Document Signed, 27 May 1722, regarding shares in the SouthSea Company.
Lord Cobham Autograph Letter Signed, December 1720, defending the actions of Carter.Lord Warwick Autograph Letter to the Marquis of Granby, 22 March 1766, regarding the discharge of John Cowper. With address leaf signed by the same as Lord Brooke.
Henry Boyle, 1st Earl of Shannon, Autograph Letter Signed to Earl Temple, Dublin, 2 August 1762, congratulating him on his appointment to government.
Earl of Bathurst, Letter Signed, 2 June 1785, regarding the rents and arrears from Mr Scawen's Northamptonshire estate.
Dudley North, Document Signed, 16 March 1716, regarding shares in the South Sea Company.
Lord Berkeley, signature, 1722.
Lord Stamford, Letter Signed to the Duke of Rutland, 'D. 20', requesting that Mr Hodgetts be excused from serving as Sheriff for this year.
Henry Pelham (prime minister), Document Signed, addressed to Mr Lockyer, 23 August 1722, regarding shares in the South Sea Company.
Charlotte Townshend, Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Rash, 11 June 1766, thanking her and her husband for their letters to her husband.
Lord Westmoreland, signature on address leaf to Mr Webb.
Lord Exeter, Autograph Letter, 14 November 1776, asking Mr Boydell to send a set of the closet prints to Burghley.
Lord Barrington, signature, no date
Lord Barrington, Letter Signed to Colonel Sir George Saville, War Office, 26 June 1760, regarding the sharing of battalion duties.
Earl of Cardigan, Document Signed, 14 May 1722, regarding shares in the South Sea Company.
Henry Pelham, Document Signed, to Mr Grigsby, 19 April 1718, regarding shares in the South Sea Company.
Earl of Lincoln, Autograph Letter Signed to George Onslow, July 1731, thanking him for his prudence.
Earl of Winchester, signature, no date
Lord Castleton, Document Signed, to Mr Lockyer, 26 July 1722, regarding shares in the South Sea Company.
James, first Earl of Waldegrave), Autograph Letter Signed ('Chewton'), no date, regarding social matters and a wager.
'I am at present in the hands of a Gentleman who amuses himself in pulling me by the hair and in throwing dust in my eyes, you must not therefore expect that I should answer every Paragraph of your letter. à As to your wager about my being at the Opera of Zaide the first night à I have considered of it and am certain I was not there. '
Stephen Fox (Lord Ilchester), Document Signed, to Mr Lockyer, 10 August 1730, regarding shares in the South Sea Company.
Henry Fox, first Baron Holland, Document Signed, to Thomas Thoroughton, 2 April 1769, regarding Mr O'Brien's appointment as storekeeper in Quebec.
Holles, Duke of Newcastle, Signature, 15 August 1749.
Duke of Northumberland, Autograph Letter Signed to the Marquis of Granby, 17 June 1766, recommending Thomas Bailey for employment.
Thomas Villiers, first Earl of Clarendon, Document Signed (as Lord Hyde), 1746, a receipt for his annuity, witnessed by W. Webb, John Roberts and Henry Thomas.
Earl of Dartmouth, Birmingham, Document Signed, 12 September 1791.
George Hay, Viscount Dupplin, Autograph Letter Signed, 2 July 1714, making arrangements for a room for James Taylor.
Francis Seymour-Conway, Earl (later Marquis) of Hertford, Autograph Letter, 27 July 1762, regarding Miss Wright's petition to Lord Granby.
Cassillis (Lord Loudon) Autograph Letter Signed, regarding his visit to Bath, and regretting that a contest has arisen in the country. ('I have determined to take no show in the present contest but to leave my friends at full liberty to act in the affair as they shall think proper').
Lord Ligonier and Charles Frederick, signatures, no date
Edward Ligonier (later Earl Ligonier of Clonmel), Autograph Letter Signed to Younge, Cobham, 9 November 1764, regarding the value of a house.
Elizabeth, Duchess of Marlborough, Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Bateman, Bath, 11 August 1756. About obtaining a buck for him from Blenheim, bewailing the state of her health, which has prevented her from taking the waters and adding that:
'... This town is mad today about good news from Germany. I shall be rather better pleas'd when I receive a letter from Paris, for my last says that Blan[dford] had had a cholick but was quite well again. Till I hear again I shall not be easy. Bob is very well; Mr Moore not so. He has drunk the waters two days but complains much of his stomach.'
Earl of Buckinghamshire, autograph address leaf, March 1813.
Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington, Samuel Sandys (Lord Sandys), Geo Compton (Earl of Northampton), Phill Gybbon, Document Signed, 10 June 1742, confirming John Young as fit for service inthe port of Kirkaldy.
Lord Sandys, Autograph Letter Signed, 9 December 1771, acknowledging receipt of menu and letters, and asking for two books to be sent to him.
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The image is of the document signed by Wilmington.

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