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BEWICK, Thomas (1753-1828). Wood-engraver.
Blank printed receipt for a 'Copy of Esop's Fables', issued by Bewick and his son, Robert, and 'signed' with Bewick's woodcut thumb-print. With woodcut vignette of a moonlit scene, 1 page 4to, Newcastle, 1 October 1818.
See Iain Bain, 'Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828)', Oxford Dictionaryof National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004:
'In 1811 work began on Bewick's last book, his Fables of Aesopand Others (1818, Second edn 1823). He planned the enterprise duringconvalescence from illness, writing some fables of his own and reworking or taking unacknowledged contributions from others. Theengravings were designed on the wood by Bewick with his drawing finished in the greatest detail; the cutting was done by apprentices under his close supervision and where necessary laterrefined by their master. Though containing many superb engravings, the book never claimed the affection and popularityof the Quadrupeds and Birds.'
Please note that this is an entirely engraved or printed item and does not contain any manuscript insertions or signature.
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