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JAMES II (1633-1701). King of England 1685-1688.
Autograph Letter ('signed' with a paraph sometimes interpreted as 'J') to his niece Charlotte Fitzroy, Countess of Lichfield, 2 pages 4to, London, 27 September [1683]. A family letter to a favourite niece, the illegitimate daughter of Charles II and Lady Castlemaine, giving news of her father's movements and plans (the address-leaf, bearing a red wax seal repaired with a strip of darker paper).
'... [I} have but little newse to tell you, nor can I yett positively say when the King gos to Newmarkett that depending upon the affair of the Citty Charter, which will be ended one way or other by wensday next, so that I beleve thursday will be the sonest day, but how long the stay will be there, is not knowne neither, but his Ma: must be back before the first day of the terme ... the weather is very cold for this tyme of year ...'

[No: 21390]

The image is of the first page only.

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