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JAMES II (1633-1701). King of England 1685-1688.
Autograph Letter ('signed' with a paraph sometimes interpreted as 'J') to his niece Charlotte Fitzroy, Countess of Lichfield, 2 pages 4to, with address-leaf, Edinburgh [1681]. A gossipy family letter to a favourite niece, the illegitimate daughter of Charles II and Lady Castlemaine (some staining, and the address-leaf repaired with darker paper).
'... I was very sorry to heare that Lady Suffolk was dead, and Lady Betty Felton so very ill, that there was no hope of hir, and by the letters come this day I heare she was dead also you will by the last post have heard what a terrible fall, especially to look to, the Dutchesse had and realy t'was a miracle she was not spoyled, and tis a great mercy she had no more harme ... her legs meend a pace ... all things are very quiet here, and like to continue so, and tho we passe our tyme well enough here, we should be very well pleased to be at London ...'

[No: 21388]

The image is of the first page only.

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