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The image shows the second side and signature.
Cromwell as a private citizen

CROMWELL, Oliver (1599-1658). Lord Protector.
Early Document Signed ('Oliver Cromwell') at the foot of the second side, 2 pages oblong folio, 230 x 290 mm (ca 9 x 11 inches) on vellum, 14 November 1626. A remarkably early survival of a document endorsed by Cromwell as a Huntingdonshire landowner during the second year of the reign of Charles I.
The document is a deed of obligation in which is rehearsed, in English, the earlier grant by George, bishop of London [probably George Montaigne or Mountain, who was succeeded by Laud in 1628], to Robert Cooke of the right to collect tithes and subsidies of the clergy throughout London. The endorsement, in Latin, is signed by Cromwell close to a seal-tag at the foot (seal lacking), and is a formal declaration that the money has been collected. The endorsement is signed as witnesses by John Gretano and Anthony Tingle.
This unrecorded document is one of the very earliest signed by Cromwell. The first surviving letter dates from only one month earlier (14 October 1626). He did not begin to be involved in politics nationally until his election to parliament in 1628.
[No: 21386]

The image shows the second side and signature.

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