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CHARLES V (1500-1558). Holy Roman Emperor, and King of Spain as Charles I.
Letter Signed ('Carol' with paraph) to Ferdinando de Gonzaga, governor of Milan, 1 page folio with papered seal and address on the reverse, Brussels, 12 November 1548. Asking Gonzaga to waive the formalities normally required in respect of the confirmation of privileges granted to 'our Maestro de Campo Morales'
With a translation:
'... Since all relevant matters are meant to be referred to us before we grant confirmation of the aforementioned two sales, this may involve many months of patient waiting before the accounts from the said officials are received. ... We think it proper, in order to expedite matters and so that the said confirmation may be completed as we desire it, that, whatever the contents of the said reports, and in the absence of any difficulty or impediment, such consultation may be dispensed with and confirmation given, provided a copy is kept with similar documents in an orderly way. ...'

[No: 21347]

The image shows the greater part of the document.

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