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[DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan] (1859-1930). Creator of Sherlock Holmes.
A small collection of pieces relating to Conan Doyle, including four autograph envelopes (unsigned), two photographs, and letters of his wife and daughter.
The collection includes three Autograph Letters Signed, two autograph envelopes and two signed postcards from Conan Doyle's daughter Mary to General Enesy in Budapest, dated 1927 and 1928, relating to orders for spiritualist books from Conan Doyle's Psychic Bookshop.
Also included are two Typewritten Letters Signed with envelopes from Jean Conan Doyle to General Enesy, Windlesham, Crowborough, June 1932, relating to spiritual matters, and the Conan Doyle family.
'... You will be interested to hear that in the last fortnight my son Dennis and I, have obtained a splendid Psychic photograph of my dear husband, his face appears just above ours. You can imagine how happy it has made us.'
Mary was Conan Doyle's daughter from his first marriage to Louise, who died in 1906. He had two more sons and one daughter with Jean, his second wife, who shared his faith in spiritualism and psychic matters.
[No: 21307]

The image is of a specimen letter only.

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