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GREENWELL, Dora (1821-1882). Poet & essayist.
Two Autograph Letters Signed to Mrs Barclay, 6 pages 8vo, North Bailey, Durham 10 and 19 May no year. Explaining that her Rheumatism and general malaise makes it difficult for her to leave home, inviting Mrs Barclay to visit, and expatiating, oddly, on a recent visit to London.
'... I am quite unable to leave home, independent of my Mother's state which makes it always difficult for me to get away. ... I have but lately returned from a visit to London, hurried in point of time but rich in interest, more so than any previous one I ever paid. Ours is a wonderful age - the field so vast, & teeming with wealth ...'

[No: 21257]

The image is of one page only.

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