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MARIE THERESE (1638-1683). Queen consort of Louis XIV of France.
Document Signed ('Marie Terese'), 1 page folio (oblong) on vellum, 12 October 1665. Appointing as head baker to her household Jacques Lannier (or Asnier) in succession his father, Antoine Lannier.
'To the Grand Master and ordinary members of the Queen's household, and to you Accountant and General Treasurer of my house, Greetings. Let it be known that we hereby wish to gratify with our favour our much-loved Jacques Lannier, following the good reports we have received of his person. Herewith, for these reasons and opinions, we announce his appointment to the post of Ordinary Head Baker, which has fallen vacant, owing to the death of the previous incumbent of the said position, Antoine Lannier, his father.
 We decree that the said Lannier be granted henceforth the enjoyment of all honours, authority, prerogatives, prominence, privileges, freedoms, exemptions, salaries, rights, profits and emoluments due to his role, in which we are certain that he will please us.
 We therefore wish and command each of you, as appropriate, that having received from the said Lannier the sum due and traditional in such cases, you shall record and hold this investiture in the papers of my chamber with those of our other officers. The totality of the aforementioned honours, authorities, salaries, rights and emoluments, which he may use and enjoy fully and peacefully, should be paid to him out of the above-mentioned general treasury in the accustomed form and manner of our estate. Such is my wish. Given in Paris, this xii day of October, 1665. / Marie Terese
By Order of the Queen
De Brisacier'
[Minute, in a lighter ink at the left-hand side:]
'We, Edouard Colbert, seigneur of Villacerf and marquis of payens, King's counsellor, and superintendant of the Queen's household, certify to whom it may concern that Jacques Asnier (sic) Ordinary Head Baker to the aforementioned Lady our Queen, has today consigned to our keeping oaths of loyalty pertaining to the said position, heretofore referred to by Her Majesty. In recognition of which we hereby ratify and sign by our hand the said appointment. Made in Paris this 29 day of October 1665.
Colbert de Villacerf.'

£450 [No: 21206]
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