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MARIA THERESA (1717-1780). Archduchess of Austria. Mother of Marie Antoinette.
Letter Signed to Carl Wilhelm Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg, 1 page folio with address-leaf, 23 March 1744. Confirming the appointment of Frantz Christoph von Demerath as her Minister in charge of the generals commanding 'my army advancing into neutral Imperial territories'. With a full translation.
'... To facilitate everything that may be necessary in the advance of my army into the neutral Imperial territories, I have, among other provisions made to avoid all complaints, also approved the appointment of a special Minister for the generals commanding the said army, who will deal with all matters arising with all the Most Worshipful Estates whose territories are to be entered.
 As I have now chosen my Honourable Minister at various Courts of the Empire and my Trusty and Well-Beloved Frantz Christoph von Demerath for this purpose, particularly because of his skilfulness, discretion and faithful services, I herewith wish not only to remind Your Highness, as is done by these presents, but also on this occasion to request Your Highness to hear my said Minister graciously in all matters which he will have to bring forward on My behalf and to accord him full belief as if he were Myself. I shall not fail to return that kindness gratefully as frequently as I have the opportunity to do so, as I also remain Your Friend and Cousin. Done at Vienna the 23rd of March 1744. ...'

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