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The image is of part of a letter of T F Walmisley.

Fine collection of twenty-two letters largely from organists, principally to Joshua D. Horwood, an organist and collector of musical memorabilia. 1830-1899 (all but one are dated). Each letter very neatly inlaid in fine cartridge paper.
T[homas] A[twood] Walmisley (1814-1856). Autograph Letter Signed to his father (Thomas Forbes Walmisley, 1783-1866), 2 pages 8vo, Trinity College, Cambridge, 22 June, no year
'... Dr Wylde has promised me Tickets for the new Philhc on the Wedny following, so that I hope we shall go together to hear Beethoven's Choral Symy conducted by Spohr. Wesley started for his fishing expedition on Monday last. ... We did your Anthem " O God the Protector" at St John's last Sunday.'
John Pratt (1772-1885, organist to Cambridge University). Autograph testimonial to the conduct and musical abilities of Edward Dearle, 1 page 4to, Cambridge, 6 October 1830.
Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-1876). Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages 8vo, Winchester, 1 September 1857, making arrangements for a visit.
Samuel Sebastian Wesley . Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages 8vo, 3 October 1856.
'... Do you know if Mr Willis left the fishing lines with Mr Hewett ... It is of no use my making enquiries of Willis, as to what was done with the lines as he can only attend to his own business I have ever found. ...'
Thomas Forbes Walmisley, 1783-1866. Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages 8vo, 18 Cowley Street, Westminster, 28 March 1864. Giving details of the life and death of his son, Thomas Attwood Walmisley, and promising to send details of his tombstone.
William Spark (1823-1897, organist of Leeds Town Hall). Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page 8vo, 11 Park Square, Leeds, 1 April 1864. Promising to send his carte-de-visite, and to show off the 'grand organ in our Town Hall'.
J[ames] Stimpson (editor of Bach and organist of Birmingham Town Hall). Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page 8vo, Edgbaston 14 June 1864. Explaining that there were perfomances on the great organ on Mondays and Thursdays.
E.G. Monk. Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages 8vo, Minster Yard, York, 23 July 1864. Discussing pedal pianos and pedalier mechanisms.
John B[acchus] Dykes (1823-1876, organist and composer of hymn tunes). Autograph Letter Signed, 4 pages 8vo on black-edged paper, St Oswald's Vicarage, Durham, 31 July 1864. Discussing alternative pointings in the Gloria Patri, and the merits of pedal pianos.
'... I am very glad to hear of the removal of your large Cottingham organ into the N. Transept; & of the demolition of the West Gallery. This will be a great improvement to the Church ...'
James Sharpe Pring. Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages 8vo, Bangor, 29 March 1867. Discussing the organists of Bzngor cathedral, including his own father, and commenting on the organ.
'... Our Organ is but small, and has never been altered or improved, built by Samuel Green, London, with a little expence it might be very much improved, what there is of it, is generally considered good.'
John Liptrot Hatton (1809-1886, composer & organist). Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages 8vo, Langham Hotel, 10 April 1867. Suggesting a source of a carte-de-visite photograph and promising to try to visit Hull.
'... A Sebastian Bach fugue on a fine Instrument would be treat'
H.E. Ford. Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages 8vo, 13 Fisher Street, Carlisle, 22 April 1867. Discussing the places of burial of his predecessors as organist of Carlisle Cathedral, and offering to show Horwood the Carlisle organ ('which is a very large and effective instrument by Willis').
T.R. Matthews. Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages 8vo, North Coates, Great Grimsby, 4 December 1868. Sending a carte-de-visite and also a copy of his settings of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (no longer included).
John Sebastian Wesley (surgeon). Fine Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages 8vo on black-edged paper, Wetherby, 2 May 1876, about his father (S.S. Wesley), who had recently died.
'... My father could seldom be got to sit for a photograph. I much doubt whether he ever had Mus. D. robes on. Certainly he was too modest to plume himself in them. ... He had what is called Bright's disease that is his kidneys did not perform their function properly, for some months his breathing was difficult, palpitation of the heart, then his legs took to swelling & he spat blood from the lungs, but then relapsed into a childish condition & died peacefully by my mother & youngest brother who is taking to music & can play the organ fairly well.'
Charles Edward Stephens(1821-1892, organist and composer). Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages 8vo, 37 Howley Place, Maida Hill, 21 January 1878.
'... As I left Hampstead Church as long ago as 1862, you doubtless refer to my Two Movements for the Organ, Op.3, on the title-page of which I am described as Organist of that Church, and have probably not seen my other similar Sets of Two Movements, Op.7 (Augener), and Op.15 (Novello)... .'
Edwin H. Sircom. Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pages 8vo, Stonyhurst College, 6 August 1878. Discussing C. Bryan who had been his predecessor as organist of St Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol.
'... he died about 37 or 38 years ago by an injury received from falling through a trap door in the Bristol Theatre. ...'
W.H. Sangster. Autograph Letters, 1 page 8vo, 12 Hardwick Road, Eastbourne, 18 February 1884. Sending a list of his compositions, including the 'Organ Andante 1.2.3'.
Robert Stewart. Autograph Letter Signed, 4 pages 16mo, very closely written, 4 Menai View, Upper Bangor, 1 September 1881. Giving his reminiscences of The Irish composer Sir John [Andrew] Stevenson (1760?-1833).
Edward Brown. Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages 8vo, 6 Ainslie Street, Barrow-in-Furness, 16 October 1885.
'... You will be interested to know that my wife was for a short time a pupil of your friend Dr Wesley, and that Mr Ernest Huntingdon Dykes, son of Dr Dykes, is shortly to become the Vicar of the Church of which I am Organist. ...'
M[ark] J[ames] Monk (Organist of Truro Cathedral). Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page 8vo, Campfield Villa, Truro. 18 April 1890. Describing the famous Willis organ.
'... The Organ in Truro Cathedral has 2646 sepaking pipes: the metal is nearly all "spotted". A description of the organ appears in "Musical Opinion" for April.
C.W. Perkins. (Organist of Birmingham Town Hall). Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page 8vo, Easton Hotel, 19 April, 1890. Sending a specificaion (probably of the Birmingham organ), and directing him to portraits.
Henry R. Bird. Autograph Letter Signed (to Martin Latham), 2 pages 8vo, 8 February 1899. Explaining the problems that had arisen in a performance.
'... I certainly was very uncomfortable for whenever Stanford leaned forward, he was quite out of the field, and hence those erratic entries on the part of the Organist in the dark, and for which I feel most miserable.'

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The image is of part of a letter of T F Walmisley.

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