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CONRAD, Joseph (1857-1924). Author.
Autograph Letter Signed to Robert Singleton Garnett, 3 pages 8vo with envelope (addressed to 'Richard' Garnett), Trosley, West Malling, 9 August 1909. A good letter to his solicitor, relating to financial affairs, and asking Garnett to pass on his congratulations to his wife [Martha Garnett] on her new novel ['The Infamous John Friend']. (A little creased).
It is evident that the letter was intended for Robert Garnett despite Conrad's mistake on the envelope. It dates from the troubled time during the composition of Under Western Eyes, shortly before his violent dispute with his agent, J.B. Pinker, which was to lead to their estrangement for two years, and perhaps also to Conrad's nervous breakdown in 1910. The present letter is not in The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad, edited by Karl and Davies, and is apparently unpublished. Conrad wrote a shorter and related letter to Pinker on the same day.
'... I depended on Pinker remembering the date; and perhaps he has done so. He is a business man and the payment of the debt was fully provided for as between him and me in the new arrangement we two entered upon at the time the loan was effected. I am sending him your firm's letter by the same post with this; and can only apoloise for the delay if delay there be. ...'
'May I ask you to give my warm congratulations to Mrs Garnett on the achievement of her novel. As a matter of fact I've read it only yesterday. I haven't the advantage of being known to her personally, but as between writers such a message I trust, may be allowed without breach of etiquette. ...'

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The image is of the second page only.

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