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A 'lost' Bloomsbury archive

[MORTIMER, (Charles) Raymond (Bell)] (1895-1980). Literary and art critic, and editor.
Archive of letters to Mortimer, including five unpublished letters of Virginia Woolf, with related material. An intriguing 'lost' archive in which the material appears to date either from 1939/40 or ca 1951.
Christabel [Aberconway]: Three Autograph Letters Signed, 8 pages 8vo, social and literary and alluding to Auden and Isherwood.
Clive Bell: Three Autograph Letters Signed, two on cards, ('C.B.' and 'Clive'), 1939 where dated, concerning work for the New Statesman.
Isaiah Berlin: Autograph Letter Signed on card, New College, Oxford, 1940, promising a review, and adding that 'I am too prejudiced to do Joad justice'.
John Betjeman: ('JB'), on a card, 31 October 1939.
Elizabeth [Bowen]: Fine Autograph Letter Signed to 'Ethel', 8 pages 8vo, 19 January 1940, about Mortimer's spiteful review, and asking her to forward the letter to him.
Dorothy Bussy: Autograph Letter Signed, 4 pages 4to, 40 Rue Verdi, Nice, 1 November 1939.
Alan Cameron: Typewritten Letter Signed, 1 page 4to, 13 November 1939.
K[enneth Clark]: Autograph Letter Signed and Typewritten Letter Signed ('K'), 1940 where dated.
E.M. Forster: Two Autograph Letters Signed, 2 pages 8vo ('Morgan') and a card, West Hackhurst, 1939 and 1940, complaining of his pay from the New Statesman, together with his change of telephone number card.
André Gide: Autograph Letter Signed in French, 2 pages 4to, 31 October 1939.
Aldous Huxley: Very fine Autograph Letter Signed, 6 pages 4to, Pacific Palisades, 15 December 1939, philosophising about the war and the future of Europe, his own work, particularly on the film version of 'Pride and Prejudice', the problems with his eyes , his reading etc. etc.
Maria Huxley: Immense Typewritten Letter Signed of 4 very tightly-packed pages 4to, 6 November 1939.
John [Lehmann]: Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page 4to, 45 Mecklenburgh Square, 21 October 1939, re R M's article on Gide, Strindberg plays etc.
Vita Sackville-West: Autograph Letter Signed and Typewritten Letter Signed ('Vita'), 5 pages 4to, Sissinghurst, 18 and 19 January 1940, expressing some largely-suppressed indignation about the treatment of her Country Notes, and sending family news including a joke from Harold.
George Bernard Shaw Autograph Letter Signed forming a postscript to a previous letter, 1 page 4to, 15 November 1939.
Virginia Woolf: Autograph Letter Signed and 4 Typewritten Letters Signed ('V.W.' and 'Virginia'), 6 pages 8vo and small 4to, Monk's House, 18 September - 6 October 1939 and one undated. Good personal and literary letters concerning contributions to the New Statesmen, and mentioning many contemporary literary figures and friends.
Miscellaneous Correspondents: Henry Adler (Autograph Letter Signed, 1939 and typewritten notes about a production), Doreen Baynes (Autograph Letter Signed, no date), Anthony Birrell (1 February 1940), Kathleen Connolly (1939), A.W. Fielding (1951 asking for information about Crete), Charles Fry (2 Typewritten Letters Signed, 1939), Robert Gilleux (1951), Gerald Hamilton (Typewritten Letter Signed, 1939, and Autograph Letter Signed), John Hankin (long Typewritten Letter Signed, 1951), R.J.P. Hewison (Typewritten Letter Signed 1951 with typescript of a version of Mallarmé's Cantique de St Jean), Edward Hoare (to 'Tim', 1946), John Jarrett (1951), Douglas Jerrold (1951), Cecil Hopkinson Oglander (1939), Ronald Storrs (23 January 1940), David Thomson (1940), R.C. Trevelyan (3 October 1939), and a further group of about twenty letters from unidentified correspondents including letters originating from Gordon Square, Ham Spray House and Garsington Manor.
Ephemera: Ca twenty-eight pieces including invitation and admission tickets, bills, subscription renewals, programmes etc.
Photographs: Eight snapshots taken on a warship (with negatives), and six in the grounds of a 'gothic' country cottage.
Typescripts etc: Principally of broadcasts for the BBC Third Programme, on the poetry of Baudelaire, Gerard de Nerval, Mallarmé and Rimbaud, some heavily edited and annotated with broadcast cues etc. ca 96 pages, mostly folio (foolscap).
Raymond Mortimer and the New Statesman: A few pieces including the heavily corrected typescript of one or two book reviews (one on Arthur Waley, possibly incomplete), 6 pages 4to, a galley proof, press-cutting and scribbled notes in pencil by R.M.
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