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ATHLONE, A.A. Cambridge, 1st Earl of (1874-1957). Governor of South Africa and Canada etc.
Fine photograph, three-quarter length in military uniform, 300 x 212 mm (12 x 8½ inches), boldly signed in ink 'Alexander of Teck'. Browned on the reverse, and very slightly worn at the right-hand edge.
Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred Cambridge, Earl of Athlone, to give him his full name, was the third son of Princess Mary Adelaide and the Duke of Teck. DNB records that: 'Originally styled His Serene Highness, Prince Alexander of Teck, he was known to his family as Alge'. In 1917 in accordance with policy he relinquished his titles and the name of Teck and took the family name of Cambridge and the title of Earl of Athlone. Although his new name and titles had hereditary associations he and many others regarded these changes as unnecessary and even undignified.'
[No: 21009]

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