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[HASTINGS, Warren] (1732-1818). Governor-general of India.
Ticket of admission to the sixty-seventh day of the trial of Warren Hastings, 185 x 112 mm (ca 7½ x 4½ inches, trimmed as usual) with red wax seal. Signed by the Duke of Portland (William Cavendish-Bentinck, prime minister, 1783 and 1807-1809).
The trial was held sporadically over a period of seven years -from 1788 to 1795, as and when parliamentary business allowed.See Keith Feiling, Warren Hastings (1955), page 352.By the time the verdict was due to be delivered one-third of thepeerage who had been alive when the trial started in 1788 haddied. Those who had been in continuous attendance numberedtwenty-nine and it was these peers who passed the final verdict.
[No: 20957]

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