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BAMFORD, Samuel (1788-1872). Poet and weaver.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Revd Sir'), 1 page 8vo, (remains of backing-sheet), Blakeley [Blackley], 26 June 1846. Writing on behalf of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, asking if he will clarify his editorial marks in the margins of the manuscript Glossary of Lancashire Words and Phrases.
'... I perceive that the names of places, and one or two other words are marked thus ^, that several repititions (sic.) are marked thus -, and that certain pencil notes explain themselves. The first seems to indicate what you suppose to be superfluous words, the second repititions [sic], and the third corrections in spelling. ...'
Bamford published The Dialect of South Lancashire, or Tim Bobbin's Tummus and Meary, with his Rhymes, with Glossary in 1854.
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