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Einstin announces his wife's death to his son

EINSTEIN, Albert (1879-1955). German-born theoretical physicist.
Autograph Letter Signed in German ('Papa') to his son Hans Albert, 1 page 4to, Princeton, 4 August 1948. Acknowledging receipt of a telegram announcing his first wife's death, offering advice and sympathy, and assuring him that he will never be financially burdened by Eduard's illness.
'... Today I received a telegram from Dr Meili announcing Mileva's death. ...'
Einstein can understand his son's reaction, but feels Hans Albert was right not to travel over to Switzerland as the death of one's loved ones stimulates childhood memories. He cannot directly help his son, 'each of us in the end must be ready with his own part', but does however recommend a book by 'a wise old psychoanalyst (Reik).' Einstein's friend Otto Nathan will be travelling to Europe on his behalf, and he assures Hans Albert that he will never be financially burdened by Eduard's illness,
'... 'Tetel's situation is the worst, because he is alone in his pitiful condition without a caring hand. If only I had known, he would never have come into this world. Dear Adu, hold your head up and don't let this get you down. You've always been a solid fellow. ...'
 Einstein met Mileva Maric, a fellow physics student, while at the polytechnic in Zurich and they married in 1903 when he was twenty-three. They had two sons, Hans Albert and Eduard, who remained living with their mother after she and Albert separated in 1914. Eduard was physically frail and suffered from mental health problems througout his life.
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