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CRABBE, George (1754-1832). Poet.
Autograph Letter Signed to John Robinson at Allington, 1 page 4to with address-leaf, postmark 15 October 1800. Making financial arrangement in respect of his parish at Muston.
Crabbe had become Rector of Muston and Allington about twelve years previously but had absented himself for many years. In about 1801 the bishop of Lincoln had insisted that he should return to his living, but he succeeded even then in getting a further extention of four years, and did not go back until 1805.
'I will be obliged to you to pay Mr Salisbury the Half years stipend due to him this Michealmas [sic] and as Robert Parnham at Muston has Business to settle for me & money to take & pay, I will thank you to pay into his Hands whatsoever is due to me when Mr Salisbury is paid ... I will thank you to pay the procurations & other ecclesiastical Demands (if any) yearly. ...'

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