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HASTINGS, Warren (1732-1818). Governor-general of India.
Autograph Letter Signed to G[eorge] A[lexander] Thompson, 1½ pages 4to, Daylesford House, 4 November 1807. Congratulating Thompson on his appointment as Deputy Registrar of the Vice Admiralty Court of Gibraltar.
'... I am pleased with [your appointment, because you are; and the more pleased, because the manner in which you express yourself concerning it indicates a mind easily contented, and always prepared to accomodate itself to the circumstances presented to it. The name of your office puzzles me more by its similarity to one which I should perfectly comprehend, "register", than if it bore no resemblance to it, nor do any of the books in my possession, which treat of the establishment of Gibraltar, mention it. ...'
George Alexander Thompson was the son of George Nesbitt Thompson, who had been Hastings's private secretary in India. In due course he became Foreign Translator in the Audit Office. He emigrated to Belgium, where he died in near poverty.
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