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The image is of one letter only.
Orpen threatens legal proceedings

ORPEN, Sir William (1878-1931). Painter.
Three Autograph Letters Signed to 'Raymond', 4 pages 4to, (some tears in the folds), 8 South Bolton Gardens, February 1929. Acknowledging receipt of a letter and money, reprimanding Raymond for keeping a tip to be distributed to the servants at a club dinner, and consequently apologising for assuming that he was responsible for keeping the money.
Orpen was probably the most successful British artist of his time. He was president of the International Society of Sculptors, Painters, and Gravers (from 1921) and of the Royal and National Societies of Portrait Painters, and a member of many clubs.
'... I feel we all acted up to our lights - some spark with brilliance, some are dusty and dull, but in the main, as Mr Lloyd George puts it, humanity means well ... .'[4 February 1929]
'... I have ascertained from one of the servants that the "Tip" I gave them for the Murray dinner has not been distributed ... I find that you hold the money ... will you please return me the £3=0=0 at once ... you had no right to take it - you are a servant of the club, and I am a member of the committee - and I know far more about what things are done as "extras" in clubs, than you do, as I belong to more clubs and have entertained and spent more money for the good of these clubs, than you have ever done ... .'
[22 February 1929]
'... I apologise to you ... from your letter I learn that the House Committee are responsible. Do they know anything about law, or their rights? ... tell them calmly that I claim my three pounds back immediately or I shall take legal proceedings to obtain them. ...'

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The image is of one letter only.

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