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D'ISRAELI, Isaac (1766-1848). Writer.
Good Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Crofton Croker, 1 page 4to, closely written, with address on the reverse (traces of old mount), Bloomsbury Square, 'Saturday', no date. Discussing the work of a young writer, discoursing on the benefits or otherwise of a classical education to artists, and telling of a visit from a mysterious 'Miss' or 'Mrs' Croker, asking for her late husband's Fuseli.
'I thank you much for the perusal of your friend's letter - characteristic of the Writer, a young man of genius, and whose ardour promises originality and power, whenever he shall be so fortunate as to fix on a subject which may concentrate his volatile spirit. ... Disgusted with common artists and the cant of technical, or ordinary criticism, and having himself received, no doubt, a classical education in all its forms, he imagines that nothing is wanting to an artist but "a liberal and extensive education". - "They plaster all their lives and then read Hope's Homer-". Now I must declare "to plaster" is absolutely necessary - and that if an artist should prefer applying to "Greek and Latin" in his best days, his hand could be quite out when he came to clay. Nor would all "The Greek and Latin" serve to create a great artist. ...'
'If you don't receive back Hogg's poem, with this, I beg leave to keep it till I can get time to turn to it. ...'

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