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CORELLI, Marie (1855-1924). Pseudonym of Mary Mackay, novelist.
Splendid Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pages 4to on separate leaves headed Private, Avon Croft, Stratford-on-Avon, 9 November 1900. Vigorously asserting the sincerity of her convictions and defending the absolute truth in her writing ('I do not write for money but for the need of expressing my earnest thought').
The letter concludes with this extroardinary passage, intemperate even by Miss Corelli's standards:
'... For the 'minister of religion' who dares to assert me insincere, you can tell him I commend him in the name of Christ to his Master, and suggest that he should do some act of charity as penance for uttering a deliberate falsehood against one whom he does no know. ...'

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The image is of the second page only.

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